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If you take a look at a piece of sea glass, you will notice the worn edges of it and the color, you can feel a texture and the thickness of it. You can examine it as a treasure, knowing that is completely unique and embracing the fact that it is unique and that each of us, no matter how we are made are unique and wonderfully made.

This year we have been faced with the fragility of life, and now more than ever we need time to heal and recover from what we have been through.

Tonight we focus on the elements of earth, fire, air and water as we understand how each can be used to transform dust into something beautiful and amazing.

(this is a transcript of the message) Today I want to talk about the Psalm and I also want to talk about the gospel reading. First of all, the video that you just saw, where we wait, we hope we stay it’s all about coming from that Psalm 147 that we read to you earlier, […]