Angel Tree Gifts Due

December 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

Each Year we are given the opportunity to help those in need have a Merry Christmas. We have been given the names of families who, without us, would probably have no Christmas presents at all. Before Black Friday, in the back of the church, there will be a number of angels. These angels have a name and a wish for a present. The requests on the back of the angels are suggestions only. You may use your own judgment except for the food requests. Please take one or more angles and help provide these people with a Merry Christmas.


Attached to each angel is a Name Tag and tracking slip. When you take an angel, please fill out the tracking slip with the Angel #, your name, and telephone # and place it in the provided box. This will help us to reach you in case your gift has not been returned.

When you return your gift please wrap it and attach the provided gift tag that came with your Angel. It is very important that you use the provided gift tag. If you have questions please reach out to Caryn March.